Why Need Design

Why Need Design


Nowadays Design is an important part before developing the product and building. Design is the process where we can organize a systematic way to create a product. It depends on the dimension and accuracy and finds suitable space as per human requirement.

Design gives the way to look attractive and perfect shape as per human requirement. When we make the product as per the process of design then It looks so systematic.

There are two types of design

  • Manual Design
  • CAD Design

Manual Design

Manual design is based on hand design where a designer creates the design on the sheet as per dimension and maintain with accuracy. We use some instrument to maintain dimension like scale, Proctor, divider and another instrument as well.

In this design, the designer makes manual as per details provided by the client like dimension, area and details of site or product. It takes time to create a design of the product and architectural design as well.

CAD Design

Cad is a technology where we make a design on cad software. A designer can create a design, make a plan, modify of design, analyze and optimize the design.

It improves the quality of design and increases productivity as per dimension in less time as a comparison to manual design.

In this cad design, there are different types of cad software where we use for the implementation of the design as per standard and process like plan, design and implementation.

Cad Design creates 2d, 3d, rendering, and animation design in different types of cad software. It is easy to use because all tools and commands are available like line, rectangle, circle, polygon for 2D drawing and extrude, revolve, helix and other tools and commands for 3D, create design in image format which tool is rendering, create a design in motion way that is animation.

Role Of CAD Design

CAD Provides the easiest way to develop the drawing. It gives the flexibility to design and draft in a digital environment. When you develop the drawing at cad software, they can make more accurate and dimension based drawing.

You can edit, modify and view drawing at any time if you save your drawing in the drive. Cad gives the flexibility to create the 2D and 3D drawing.

CAD is widely used in most of the industry for making a product and animated movies as well, It increases productivity in less time accurately.

We can take the print easy way at the created layout on cad software as per human requirement.

Quality Of CAD Software

  • Effective quality of drawing
  • Increase Productivity quality
  • Maintain and record of drawing

Types of CAD Design and its Software

  • Mechanical CAD Design
  • Architectural CAD Design
  • Electronics CAD Design
  • Electrical CAD Design
  • Product CAD Design
  • Graphics CAD Design

Mechanical CAD Design

In Mechanical cad design, When we create a technical drawing as per mechanical terms like planning, design and implementation with maintaining of GD&T(Geometric dimension and Tolerance) with the help of CAD Software. There are Several types of Mechanical Cad Design like Automotive design, Shipbuilding design, HVAC, and Aerospace design.


  • Autocad
  • Ansys
  • Solidworks
  • Creo/Pro-e
  • Inventor
  • Catia
  • Unigraphics
  • Solidedge
  • and many more

Architectural CAD Design

Architectural cad design is related to the planning of the residential and commercial building as per architectural terms and dimension at Cad Software. There are several types of Architectural cad design like solar cad design, AV cad design.


  • Autocad(architectural)
  • Archicad
  • Sketchup
  • Revit
  • 3ds max
  • Vectorworks

Electronics CAD Design

It refers to creation and modification of the circuit and Audiovisual design using cad software, this type of design comes in electronics cad design. The Role of  Electronics cad design is very very important for making microprocessor, complex circuit design with the transistor, resistance and other devices as well which is connected with the circuit.

CAD Software gives more tools, commands and functionality to create the design with the use of these tools and function. They can create complex cad design easy way. We can make an electronic schematic diagram, cabinet design and different types of devices with the use of cad software.


  • Autocad(electronic)
  • Solidworks
  • Catia
  • Creo/pro-e
  • Sketchup
  • 3ds max

Electrical CAD Design

Electrical cad design is useful for creating and maintaining the electrical drawing like single line diagram or connectivity diagram, connectivity of audiovisual system electrically via various types of conduit. It doesn’t require dimension for connectivity diagram but if you create electrical product drawing, it depends on the dimension.

When we create drawing as per electrical concept using cad software, there should use some parameter for electrical drawing like multi-layer use for conduit for differentiation and we should also use a different color for differentiating the device if device model is different but the product is looking similar. So we can make design comfortability and also can save time.


  • Autocad
  • Dialux
  • Revit
  • Solidworks
  • And many more

Product CAD Design

Product cad design creates a new product as per standard and follows with the dimension with the use of cad design software. When we make a new product in any cad software, it is necessary to make a strategy for creating a 3D model. There is some purpose to make 3d product model. If you want to create a model for manufacturing then you should follow some process for manufacturing.

When you create a 3D product model for showcasing, it depends on how a product should look like. We can care on dimension and graphics of the product. So if you use good graphics software like 3ds max, Autodesk Inventor and Unigraphics for product modeling.

There is a various area where you can create product modeling like mechanical product model, faucets product modeling, generic product modeling, electronics product modeling, electrical product modeling.


  • Autocad
  • Pro-e/creo
  • Solidworks
  • Catia
  • Unigraphics
  • Solidedge
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • 3ds max

Graphics CAD Design

In this design, we create an image based like Typography, page layout and illustration based design as per requirement. You can create a poster, template, brochure and other graphics design as well. When we make a poster and brochure, book design then we choose different types of sizes and pixels.

You can use Typography, Visual arts and page layout technique to create a visual composition. There are some common uses of graphics design corporate design like (logo and banner), editorial design like(book, magazine, newspaper and novels), advertising, web designing, environmental designing and product packaging.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • And online tools

Pros Of CAD Design

  • Effective Drawing
  • Less Error
  • Less Effort
  • Save time
  • Accurate Drawing
  • Create Dimension and Text
  • Modify Drawing
  • Scale Drawing
  • Make Layout Of Drawing
  • Easy to sharing


Design is very very important for the use of entire free space. People can construct as per human requirement, they can build each and every area of space accordingly his choice. When you use the design before constructing the residential and commercial building and you build the building accordingly design, It saves your time and as well as money with awesome look of the building.

Design gives a significant way to build the design of any product or building. It is a systematic process to develop a 2d and 3d model.

Design raises the level where you design and discuss the design with colleagues. They can make or creates as per the need of a human purpose.

Hence, we can say that design has a very significant role for the human requirement if they live systematically and he wants perfect use of space as per own way. It is the use of design.

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